A motivated organizer teaching family-oriented financial responsibility and decision making through integrity and faith-based principles.

  • I have an intense desire to make a difference by sharing what I have learned with others. From the time that I was a child, I felt how powerful family love can be, especially when it is given in the security of God’s love.  I want to try to share some of those same basic principles that I learned and saw demonstrated in my home as a child.  Upon finishing my book, I pray each day to God to ask Him to use my book to help someone in need.

Purpose of “Ditch the Joneses, Discover Your Family” book:

  • To help parents make decisions about their finances that will allow them to actively seek more time together with their children and spouse.

Purpose of “Ditch the Joneses, Discover Your Family” workbook on CD:

  • To provide a workbook where families can apply the tools of the “Ditch the Joneses” book.

Purpose of Cathi’s blog, “Smallest Inspirations”:

  • Faith-based points that really resonate with the heartland of America, and parents who want to connect with their families.

Find out more in this video where Cathi shares about “Ditch the Joneses”.